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PIX Photo Studio is a creative studio that is well established. We cover the entire gamut of studio photography both indoor and outdoor.

Our wedding portfolios immortalize the events of the wedding frame by frame. Not only weddings.  We specialize in corporate events as well bringing to life their get-togethers, conferences and award ceremonies.  Our philosophy of life has always been a single word.  Watchfulness.  By being watchful, we are able to achieve immense satisfaction in work that is appreciated by our clients. We watch the relationships, the beauty of the connectedness. Using the tricks of light, we bring to life the capturable and the elusive moments in frame!

The road less traveled...

PIX Studio is a professional photography studio with a mission

Our aim is to always to get your ideas and fulfill it so that what you initially had in mind is exactly delivered.  Whether it is our studio or outdoors, we strive to create an atmosphere you are comfortable with. Over a period of time, we have come to understand that there isn’t only one way to do any given job.   There are as many ways of doing the same job and therefore we always suggest a combination of solutions for capturing the mood of the event and the memorable moments.

We love to integrate creativity into everything we do. If something can be approached from a fresh perspective, we are the first ones to give it a try and take it forward!

Pillars of Pix Studio

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Things we do well

Pix Studio for photography and videography service. We have been creating lasting memories for many years. Our specialty is wedding and engagement shoots apart from pre-wedding shoots at indoor as well as outdoor settings. Pix offers creative solutions for editing services as well.

Wedding 70%
Photography 90%
Videography 65%

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